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Musical Integrity

If you are going to do anything, say anything, be anything, why would you not uphold integrity to the highest standard? If you’re a creator, a musician, an artist, a performer, you should want to represent what you stand for, boldly and accurately, right?

You have your words, and you have your limbs.

Use them wisely.


Watch ‘at musical integrity:



2013 – Late to the Game, So Much Great Music – Year in Music

This is always fun. Here are my 12 favorite artists/album/songs/pieces of music that have helped define 2013 for me.

Another year in Texas, the first full one, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve found I’m good at other things, my interests have changed dramatically, and I bought a violin. I cannot play it well. So, that.

1. Gabriel Kahane makes my list every year. Or every day. Everything, really. I had devoured his Craiglistlieder song cycle, February House musicaland his second album Where Are the Arms, among other gems along the way. I only THIS year listened to his FIRST self-titled album, from 2008. **head.desk.** (more…)

Album Review: Timo Andres’ “Home Stretch”

This is my first time (in)formally reviewing an album.  My immediate disclaimer is that I am reviewing this solely from the point-of-view of a music lover. This will not be a scholarly response to one’s music (if the reader expects that.)

moving on…*ahem*

It is with great conviction that I attempt to review (commend and praise) this album in the hopes that others will want to give it a go.

My review’s thesis statement: this album rocks.  (more…)

Genre-Labeling + a rant.

By calling yourself a genre-specific musician, are you limiting yourself as a musician? 

By describing music with a genre-label, are you setting the music up to be assumed by listeners?

Perhaps the better question is, “Is there a need for genre-distinction?” Perhaps it’s best left at “good music is good music, and bad music is bad music.”  I’ll try and address both of these. (And then per the title, a small rant.) (more…)

Luckier and Better For It, After All I Have a Job, Right?

I have a job. This job pays well. There are fleeting moments where I am proud of my job.  I work with some folk, some of whom are tremendous musicians, that have been real close friends. They’re affable and mostly intelligent fellows, who always want what we all want: happiness.

I have a job. This job is “technically” in the field to which I intend(ed) to belong: music. Defining one’s self by one’s occupation can be motivating & narcissistic or motivating & centripetal. I suppose I lean to the latter.

I have a job. This job drives me properly bonkers. I concentrate daily to keep my resting heart rate down.  I thought I signed up for one thing, and I got another. I have equal complaints and praises for what I do. (more…)

2012 – Everything’s the Same Size in Texas – Year in Music

I did this last year: make a list of 12 songs for each month that really encompassed a part of the year for me.  I’m treating this, again, like a journal for myself, but if anyone reads this and has thoughts, please share them.

January was the last month of 2012 that I was in Indiana. Once February hit, I moved to Texas.  Here are the songs that had the most impact on me, may it be cerebral or otherwise. (more…)


The Transitional

Over the past 4 or 5 months I’ve observed some of my closest friends go through the ending of relationships.  Besides having a “deep” moment by the aid of alcohol (and those are always delightful) there’s no better way to see how someone truly operates than amidst a breakup, specifically one where “love” was involved. (more…)