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2014 – A Bigger Palette – Year in Music

Once again, for the end of 2014, I’d like to make note of some of my favorite music that will leave a very important mark in my life.

The following, in no particular order, are musicians/albums/songs/pieces from 2014 that I would encourage others to try out.



Coffee shop playing, but with wine.

I am sitting here in my room, before my monitor and keyboard writing for concert band. There is a disheveled pile of paper with thematic notes I can’t understand, underneath old coffee. I wrote the damn notes… As I take a break from trying to make sure I don’t anger my flute and piccolo players for whom I’m writing a whole lot of movement, I have become suddenly grateful for the music communities with which I associate myself. (more…)

Musical Integrity

If you are going to do anything, say anything, be anything, why would you not uphold integrity to the highest standard? If you’re a creator, a musician, an artist, a performer, you should want to represent what you stand for, boldly and accurately, right?

You have your words, and you have your limbs.

Use them wisely.


Watch ‘at musical integrity:


In Defense of the Arts & Expanding Consciousness: A Rant.

If you care about furthering education, the performing arts, and generally supporting peoples’ goals and dreams, stick around.

Speaking for myself I can name every person who has ever supported my education and goals. They weren’t always interested in what I did, but they supported me. They were the people that said, “Hey if it makes you happy then go for it.”

As an advocate for education for the generations beneath us, I must say we should always strive to prepare them for success better. There are lot of individuals and groups out there who are doing great jobs already.

With anything, it should be everyone’s priority to live and act in a certain way that will not only

better themselves but also better humanity. (more…)