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Genre-Labeling + a rant.

By calling yourself a genre-specific musician, are you limiting yourself as a musician? 

By describing music with a genre-label, are you setting the music up to be assumed by listeners?

Perhaps the better question is, “Is there a need for genre-distinction?” Perhaps it’s best left at “good music is good music, and bad music is bad music.”  I’ll try and address both of these. (And then per the title, a small rant.) (more…)


2012 – Everything’s the Same Size in Texas – Year in Music

I did this last year: make a list of 12 songs for each month that really encompassed a part of the year for me.  I’m treating this, again, like a journal for myself, but if anyone reads this and has thoughts, please share them.

January was the last month of 2012 that I was in Indiana. Once February hit, I moved to Texas.  Here are the songs that had the most impact on me, may it be cerebral or otherwise. (more…)

And we even sang the athem

I usually use this blog to update on compositional ideas, which I intend to do here in the coming sentences. But I have to use this to mark down some emotions too, this time.

But first the musical ideas:

1) I’m going to start recording very soon with a good friend who is a great musician and very technically savvy. I have some new songs I’m really proud of. Musically they’re what I want them to be, and lyrically, I’m at a stage of honesty I prefer to be at. I hope others find my lyrics to be intuitive and not without story. (more…)