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L’Hendrickson – “L” is for “Love”…or “Hendrickson”

Music and how it connects us with people and memories is always fascinating. I’m never bored talking about it.

I had the lovely experience of attending a great friend’s wedding this past weekend in Indiana. I have a story that this post will revolve around, but first a bit about the lovely couple. L’Adam Lance L’Hendrickson is talented musician I met in college in a hodgepodge of guitar playing for overly flashy songs that never once made it onto my iTunes playlist.

Immediately I knew he was talented, but more so  I knew that we’d get along just fine. Through many a beer and fewer whiskey nights, we talked music, theories, made fun of the townspeople that insulated our time in college, and generally provoked many a mild hootenany.




Album Review: Ryan Brewer’s “Trails”


If I had to pick one word to describe Ryan Brewer‘s music on his album Trails it would be “certainty.”

It is that all at once he is so certain about what he has to say and how he is going to say it, while simultaneously expressing bouts of uncertainty. If you are reading this, I hope my review will encourage you to try his music out–it moves you intellectually, emotionally, and physically. The following are my thoughts on what I am certain is a collection of fantastic music.

Summary Overview:

Musical Integrity

If you are going to do anything, say anything, be anything, why would you not uphold integrity to the highest standard? If you’re a creator, a musician, an artist, a performer, you should want to represent what you stand for, boldly and accurately, right?

You have your words, and you have your limbs.

Use them wisely.


Watch ‘at musical integrity:


Medicinal Music

Prescription #1.

My dear beautiful, beautiful, concrete, fragile, little girl, a strong woman and best friend, sadly lost her father. Richard “Dick” Geisler,Image 64, Logansport, IN, passed away Monday, Dec. 23, 2013. I remember first meeting him and the rest of Christy’s family in 2009. He was charming and loved music, and very vividly loved his children. His memory was not as strong as when he was younger, but he still had energy to play the guitar and crack a few jokes. (more…)

Luckier and Better For It, After All I Have a Job, Right?

I have a job. This job pays well. There are fleeting moments where I am proud of my job.  I work with some folk, some of whom are tremendous musicians, that have been real close friends. They’re affable and mostly intelligent fellows, who always want what we all want: happiness.

I have a job. This job is “technically” in the field to which I intend(ed) to belong: music. Defining one’s self by one’s occupation can be motivating & narcissistic or motivating & centripetal. I suppose I lean to the latter.

I have a job. This job drives me properly bonkers. I concentrate daily to keep my resting heart rate down.  I thought I signed up for one thing, and I got another. I have equal complaints and praises for what I do. (more…)