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2014 – A Bigger Palette – Year in Music

Once again, for the end of 2014, I’d like to make note of some of my favorite music that will leave a very important mark in my life.

The following, in no particular order, are musicians/albums/songs/pieces from 2014 that I would encourage others to try out.



2013 – Late to the Game, So Much Great Music – Year in Music

This is always fun. Here are my 12 favorite artists/album/songs/pieces of music that have helped define 2013 for me.

Another year in Texas, the first full one, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve found I’m good at other things, my interests have changed dramatically, and I bought a violin. I cannot play it well. So, that.

1. Gabriel Kahane makes my list every year. Or every day. Everything, really. I had devoured his Craiglistlieder song cycle, February House musicaland his second album Where Are the Arms, among other gems along the way. I only THIS year listened to his FIRST self-titled album, from 2008. **head.desk.** (more…)

What Does Music Mean to You? – Art Campaign

I want to finally share what is in my art collection — and why you should support the arts.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to financially afford this sort of thing, so I have been commissioning works of art.

The following are 4 commissioned pieces of art from artists I knew. The premise was that the artists would make whatever they wanted as long as they were responding to the question, “What does music mean to me?” (more…)

Musical Affirmation

Today was one of those days where I received the support that solidifies any doubts I may have had. I should state, first, that I am quite humble when it comes to talking about my musical abilities and drive. Humility is a suit best worn all year long.

I am confident in what I do, but rarely will I acknowledge that out loud. That’s not my style.

So to backtrack, this past weekend I met the man who will record and produce my album. He’s a perfect fit. Musically, technically, and mentally he’s the missing piece. (more…)

Luckier and Better For It, After All I Have a Job, Right?

I have a job. This job pays well. There are fleeting moments where I am proud of my job.  I work with some folk, some of whom are tremendous musicians, that have been real close friends. They’re affable and mostly intelligent fellows, who always want what we all want: happiness.

I have a job. This job is “technically” in the field to which I intend(ed) to belong: music. Defining one’s self by one’s occupation can be motivating & narcissistic or motivating & centripetal. I suppose I lean to the latter.

I have a job. This job drives me properly bonkers. I concentrate daily to keep my resting heart rate down.  I thought I signed up for one thing, and I got another. I have equal complaints and praises for what I do. (more…)