My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.


joe guitar bens phone

I compose.
I write songs.
I play trumpet.
I play guitar.
I do that thing called “singing” and no one seems to run far.
I get how the mandolin works.
I own a banjo.
I am in the Army.


“Joe Young is tremendous at displaying his heart and the stories attached to it with the accompaniment of a guitar or mandolin or banjo.  He’s quite good looking too, if I say so myself.  His music, be it his songs or his classical compositions, speak volumes of his talent and musical prowess.  He is very humble, and his ego is packed away so all you can hear is his music. He can bench press more than you any given day, except when you ask him to.” – Joe Young

“Ya, Joe’s alright at what he does. I still think I dropped him on his head once when he was little.” – Michael Young (father of Joe Young)

“Sure Joe’s a fantastic musician, but you should see the collection of cat sweaters he has.” – Ex-wingman

“I was serious–don’t talk to me.” – girl at the bar


One response

  1. Love your blog and loved listening to you play!

    August 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm

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