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2013 – Late to the Game, So Much Great Music – Year in Music

This is always fun. Here are my 12 favorite artists/album/songs/pieces of music that have helped define 2013 for me.

Another year in Texas, the first full one, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve found I’m good at other things, my interests have changed dramatically, and I bought a violin. I cannot play it well. So, that.

1. Gabriel Kahane makes my list every year. Or every day. Everything, really. I had devoured his Craiglistlieder song cycle, February House musicaland his second album Where Are the Arms, among other gems along the way. I only THIS year listened to his FIRST self-titled album, from 2008. **head.desk.** (more…)


Texas, an album, & a finished? string quintet

I have arrived to Texas. And it has only been GREAT so far. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

1. Spent necessary, great time with a necessary, great person.

2. Recorded some new things and as a result have the final lineup for my forthcoming full-length album. (Planning stages)

3. Designed the booklet for aforementioned album.

4. OFFICIALLY FINISHED my string quartet, “A Man’s Will to a Woman.”  The music, lyrics, and edits are ALL FINISHED. Nope. That’s not true. (more…)

A Man’s Will to a Woman – now 4 movements!

So since I’ve finished the string quintet, A Man’s Will to a Woman, (guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass), I have had the continued urgency to make it longer.  I wanted it to be longer because I just wanted more music happening, I had more ideas that related, and I felt there were still more thoughts I had to get out lyrically.  The piece is now about 36 minutes long, as opposed to its former roughly 25-minute length.

The final movement I had originally was definitely how I wanted to exit the quintet, so that is still the final movement, just movement no. 4 now! (more…)

Thoughts on motives

**A disclaimer should be noted that I’ve only had as much music theory as is necessary for a Music Education major.  Though, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, and always got “A’s” in the classes.  That being said, thus continues my rambling of what I want out of my music. (more…)