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Musical Integrity

If you are going to do anything, say anything, be anything, why would you not uphold integrity to the highest standard? If you’re a creator, a musician, an artist, a performer, you should want to represent what you stand for, boldly and accurately, right?

You have your words, and you have your limbs.

Use them wisely.


Watch ‘at musical integrity:



2013 – Late to the Game, So Much Great Music – Year in Music

This is always fun. Here are my 12 favorite artists/album/songs/pieces of music that have helped define 2013 for me.

Another year in Texas, the first full one, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve found I’m good at other things, my interests have changed dramatically, and I bought a violin. I cannot play it well. So, that.

1. Gabriel Kahane makes my list every year. Or every day. Everything, really. I had devoured his Craiglistlieder song cycle, February House musicaland his second album Where Are the Arms, among other gems along the way. I only THIS year listened to his FIRST self-titled album, from 2008. **head.desk.** (more…)


We accept the success we think we deserve.

Boy, am I going to live up to that.

As it would happen I spent another 4 days in NYC. This time it was upon gracious invitation of Eli Zoller, to play for his show.  I arrived 2 days prior to the shindig, having never heard his music. (more…)

2012 – Everything’s the Same Size in Texas – Year in Music

I did this last year: make a list of 12 songs for each month that really encompassed a part of the year for me.  I’m treating this, again, like a journal for myself, but if anyone reads this and has thoughts, please share them.

January was the last month of 2012 that I was in Indiana. Once February hit, I moved to Texas.  Here are the songs that had the most impact on me, may it be cerebral or otherwise. (more…)

A Circus, a Phil, and an Apple

A Circus in Winter  – in the Big Apple

I was fortunate enough to have spent this past week in New York City, performing for the “Circus in Winter” musical.  I have been a part of the Circus team for the past year and a half.

I was excited to see two of my best friends Ben Clark (the composer for Circus) and Nick Rapley (the percussionist extraordinaire) but was not prepared for how many more emotions I would have towards the musical than before. (more…)

Songwriting struggles…or just minor complaints.

It seems lately that I have conflict with how I write songs. I am really proud about the pieces of music I write, be it the classical stuff, the quintet, solo guitar, or just the music for my songs for my lyrics.

But it’s those songs that are leaving me conflicted. (more…)

And we even sang the athem

I usually use this blog to update on compositional ideas, which I intend to do here in the coming sentences. But I have to use this to mark down some emotions too, this time.

But first the musical ideas:

1) I’m going to start recording very soon with a good friend who is a great musician and very technically savvy. I have some new songs I’m really proud of. Musically they’re what I want them to be, and lyrically, I’m at a stage of honesty I prefer to be at. I hope others find my lyrics to be intuitive and not without story. (more…)