My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.


Zodiac Festival & Validation

This was the second year I was accepted into the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival as a composer fellow. It was a tremendous trip. I learned so much about myself, my music, and what can be accomplished in various communal endeavors.

I learned a lot more about composition and how it may or may not affect emotions. You can read about that here. I made new friends, and as a result have the honor and privilege to be writing some music for beautiful people, who are immensely talented.  Read the rest of this page »


Clarity & Community

I wrote a piece of music. It was for a group of people, all of whom were very talented and lovely affable people. The end product and final performance was so great, and the short journey to that working up that performance was tightly compacted. I am grateful for their musicianship, but I learned a few a things along the way that I will be more aware of moving forward. Read the rest of this page »

What Can One Do?

What can one do?

Everyone reacts to tragedy differently. There is grief, reflection, sometimes anger, sometimes hope, resolution or populating possible solutions for prevention, etc.

Everyone has opinions. Everyone has something to say. Many people feel they need to say something. Many people express their feelings in different ways.

They yell. They type. They write. They sing. They fight. They love. They analyze.

I have opinions and ideas that might make for a safer, more logical, more communal, and more loving world. But, I choose to share those, if at all, in different ways. I prefer music. Read the rest of this page »


I like repetition. I often eat the same foods for many days and weeks in a row. Venturing outside of a pre-determined list of nutrition is not my style. I love having a constant, similar daily/weekly schedule. If I had my druthers my schedule would be exactly the same, all the time. Although, I welcome the inevitable sporadic changes in plans (usually not without my own OCD-backed bout of anger)–variation is necessary to avoid complacency and to stimulate creativity and change. I’ve fallen in love with music of the minimalism neck of the woods in the past years, and there is variation within repetition in that style of music. Read the rest of this page »

2015 -My Year in Music

At the beginning of 2015, I moved to New York City to pursue music and live with two of my best friends. I discovered so much great music that has made a distinct impact on how I create and listen.

Here are my 2015 favorites.

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This is the video of Sam Bergman’s dance, Muliebris, for whom I wrote the accompanying music.

Please enjoy.

Roses & Arrows

This summer, in Valdeblore, France, I wrote a trio. The cellist, clarinetist, and pianist brought it to life and made it absolutely beautiful. It was a summer of validation, of friendship, and new musical influences. Read the rest of this page »