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Musical Affirmation

Today was one of those days where I received the support that solidifies any doubts I may have had. I should state, first, that I am quite humble when it comes to talking about my musical abilities and drive. Humility is a suit best worn all year long.

I am confident in what I do, but rarely will I acknowledge that out loud. That’s not my style.

So to backtrack, this past weekend I met the man who will record and produce my album. He’s a perfect fit. Musically, technically, and mentally he’s the missing piece. (more…)


Brass Quintet vs. String Quintet

A few months ago I finished, or so I thought, a 36ish minute string quintet titled “A Man’s Will to a Woman.”  It’s four movements of thematically related material but all very different.

And then I started studying composition with a new professor from the University of Austin.  I think any composer has said that they have gone through many “final” versions of a piece before they found what they want.

So alas, I begin to look at it from a different light. (more…)