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A List of Good Things (part 2 of 2)

A List of Good Things

  1. Read here.
  2. I finished my string quintet, A Man’s Will To A Woman. I had a read-through, learned of many things I need to change, but the piece is in a new stage where it can begin coming to life.
  3. I’m a new intern for the Nouveau Classical Project!! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their season, what I can learn from them, and how I can be of help! They are such a talented bunch of musicians with a great vision, and are so inspiring to me. Now, I get to work with them, and be their friend. Honestly, I just have to turn my fangirl switch off now that I’ll be around them so much. I wrote about them here.
  4. I’ve had one lesson, and hopefully many more to come, with Missy Mazzoli. She is an INCREDIBLE composer. Her music completely rocks. She had this come out this year, and it is so beautiful and a rocking piece of music, and I go nuts every time I listen to it. You should too.
  5. Sarah Kirkland Snider had this come out just days ago. Unremembered is ridiculous and lovely. I will say no more than do yourself a huge favor and consume this. I’m almost mad how good it is. Actually, I am mad.
  6. I’m composing so much more. So many things at once, too. I’m writing music for myself, for piano, piano quartet + banjo, big jazz band, harp, and voice. I’m also finishing music for a choreographed dance that’s coming up soon.
  7. I’m a Godfather! My friends Adam & Megan had a beautiful daughter, Lily Aurora, and named me the Godfather. I meet her in person next week. 🙂 !!!!
  8. I’m getting back into running. That spirals me directly back to a calm therapeutic state of mind.
  9. I live with my best friends. Our individual and joint successes are on a definite upward trajectory, and I’m so glad I get to share that with them.




A List of Good Things (part 1 of 2)

I go back and forth between using this blog, albeit sporadically, as a journal, a means for developing new ideas, or promoting something I adore.

I’ll combine all three for this entry.

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Nouveau Classical Project: Sacred Profane

Nouveau Classical Project: Sacred Profane

A great concert, and why it’s great that they’re great.

Thursday, April 9, 2015, 8PM Flamboyán Theater

I have been a fan of the Nouveau Classical Project from afar for a while now. (Now I live in the same city, so I’m a fan up close.) They are an ensemble that plays wonderful classical and contemporary music (really, they just play good music) and incorporate fashion and beautiful aesthetic approaches to their shows. But I’m going to talk about why it’s great that they’re great, later. Read the rest of this page »

I’m A New Yorker

I’ve been in New York City since January 19, and it’s been amazing.

This city is exactly what I needed, on all accounts. It is a city full of emotion, full of opinions, and full events to sway and challenge me. I’m realizing, more than ever, what an emotional person I am. That’s not really news to me, but there are so many reasons to trigger deep, authentic reactions here, than anywhere else I’ve been before. Read the rest of this page »

2014 – A Bigger Palette – Year in Music

Once again, for the end of 2014, I’d like to make note of some of my favorite music that will leave a very important mark in my life.

The following, in no particular order, are musicians/albums/songs/pieces from 2014 that I would encourage others to try out.

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Coffee shop playing, but with wine.

I am sitting here in my room, before my monitor and keyboard writing for concert band. There is a disheveled pile of paper with thematic notes I can’t understand, underneath old coffee. I wrote the damn notes… As I take a break from trying to make sure I don’t anger my flute and piccolo players for whom I’m writing a whole lot of movement, I have become suddenly grateful for the music communities with which I associate myself. Read the rest of this page »

L’Hendrickson – “L” is for “Love”…or “Hendrickson”

Music and how it connects us with people and memories is always fascinating. I’m never bored talking about it.

I had the lovely experience of attending a great friend’s wedding this past weekend in Indiana. I have a story that this post will revolve around, but first a bit about the lovely couple. L’Adam Lance L’Hendrickson is talented musician I met in college in a hodgepodge of guitar playing for overly flashy songs that never once made it onto my iTunes playlist.

Immediately I knew he was talented, but more so  I knew that we’d get along just fine. Through many a beer and fewer whiskey nights, we talked music, theories, made fun of the townspeople that insulated our time in college, and generally provoked many a mild hootenany.


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