My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.

Zodiac Festival & Validation

This was the second year I was accepted into the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival as a composer fellow. It was a tremendous trip. I learned so much about myself, my music, and what can be accomplished in various communal endeavors.

I learned a lot more about composition and how it may or may not affect emotions. You can read about that here. I made new friends, and as a result have the honor and privilege to be writing some music for beautiful people, who are immensely talented. 

I tattooed the coordinates of Lou Bramafam, Laurent & Florence’s restaurant that the academy eats (and drinks) at everyday, on my forearm. I wrote a song with a lovely musician. I got a last-minute ride down the mountain to the airport from a new friend named Cosmin. With another composer, Tomas, I was awarded the “2016 Composition Award.”  And I played shows in Ireland alongside some very talented musicians, and had a lot of great conversation.

This festival provided me, once again, confidence & validation for what I do. That I was even invited and accepted, is humbling. That tremendous musicians tackled the brand new music I gave them in 2 weeks, I am awed. That people want to hear my music, I am loved and forever charged with doing my best to write honest music with integrity that may have any positive effect on someone.

Below are two music videos, and a bunch of pictures from the trip.


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