My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.

What Can One Do?

What can one do?

Everyone reacts to tragedy differently. There is grief, reflection, sometimes anger, sometimes hope, resolution or populating possible solutions for prevention, etc.

Everyone has opinions. Everyone has something to say. Many people feel they need to say something. Many people express their feelings in different ways.

They yell. They type. They write. They sing. They fight. They love. They analyze.

I have opinions and ideas that might make for a safer, more logical, more communal, and more loving world. But, I choose to share those, if at all, in different ways. I prefer music.

There are people that will try and reform legislation, or donate time or money, or host discussions, or engage in believed-in-purposeful combat. Others will reflect, cry, spread love, encourage, engage in community. Some will create, some will listen. Some will yell, some will remain silent. Everyone gets to do what they want to do–they should.

Instead of stating my opinions on the climate of my country, and the world, I’d rather just share music that, for me, has played an integral part in allowing me to organize and grow my thoughts  even further, especially in response to tragedy.


Give yourself a full 20 minutes to listen to this Kevin Puts piece. It’s worth it.

I prefer to listen to this while taking a short walk.



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