My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.

2015 -My Year in Music

At the beginning of 2015, I moved to New York City to pursue music and live with two of my best friends. I discovered so much great music that has made a distinct impact on how I create and listen.

Here are my 2015 favorites.

1. Sarah K. Snider – Unremembered

This is a star casted, beautifully written piece of music, that I wish I had any part of. ANY part. Like I wish I brought Sarah coffee or something while she was writing this. ANY part. Sarah: please be my friend. Please?

This is probably my number 1 favorite album from 2015, and that’s putting up it’s dukes with the Punch Brothers The Phosphorescent Blues.


2. Punch Brothers – The Phosphorescent Blues

I listened to this with my roommates in their old apartment, where I lived for 2 weeks before we found a new place together. I’ll never forget our mutual reaction: “Holy shit.” The Punch Brothers are such a main source of musical inspiration for me.


3. Couloir – Wine Dark Sea

I met this cellist, Ariel Barnes, this summer in France. This cello & harp duo are amazing and this is such a great bit of music to listen to in the morning with coffee.



4. Missy Mazzoli – Vespers for a New Dark Age

This is dark, lovely, and makes me want to compose like her, and I took a lesson with her, and hopefully many more. She’s amazing. This was sort of an introduction-to-New York City type of soundtrack for me.


5. Chris Stapleton – Traveller

This man is huge with huge pipes. He can sing for days, beautifully, and writes beautiful, straight-to-the-point songs. Want to weep while being continually impressed? Listen to this album. On repeat.


6. Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge – Avalon

This is a 2014 album, but I just listened to it this year. It’s guitar prowess.


7. Punch Brothers – The Wireless

Two recordings of music in one year: amazing.


8. Miró Quartet – Transcendence

One of my favorite string quartets. Schubert’s String Quartet No 15 in G major, D 887. Just nailing it.

<p><a href=”″>Mir&oacute; Quartet: Transcendence Trailer</a> from <a href=””>Mir&oacute; Quartet</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


9. Julian Lage – World’s Fair

Again, THIS is how you play guitar. He’s fantastic.


10. Ben Clark – Time and Miles Apart

My best friend.


11. Grant Gordy – (self titled album)

This is not a 2015 album, but it is for me. I took a lesson with this guy, and have seen him play live. His creativity and technical facility is effortless.


12. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

I sincerely believe he will be my favorite rapper of all time.


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