My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.

Roses & Arrows

This summer, in Valdeblore, France, I wrote a trio. The cellist, clarinetist, and pianist brought it to life and made it absolutely beautiful. It was a summer of validation, of friendship, and new musical influences.

This summer I learned to feel more, and to feel more potently. I was reminded about tension and release, and the safety in asking questions. In light of recent world events, we all ask more questions. I do. Like, what can one person do, the man behind a laptop in his seemingly safe Brooklyn apartment, surrounded by stores and thriving commerce, as other parts of his planet are under great stress and destruction? Compared to other parts of the world, I feel spoiled. But I feel.

I made friends in France–true friends. Not mere friendly, glass-clinking, acquaintances, but friends. One of the best things I’ve heard was that we should “fight inhumanity with humanity.” But the quote that best resonates with me, and answers the prior question, is this:


Roses & Arrows is about heartbreak, suffering, reconciliation, and humanity. I clarify and justify life’s moments with music. This is for my friends in France.


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