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A List of Good Things (part 1 of 2)

I go back and forth between using this blog, albeit sporadically, as a journal, a means for developing new ideas, or promoting something I adore.

I’ll combine all three for this entry.

A List of Good Things

  1. For this first good thing, there is simply too much to write. It was one of the most glorious experiences of my life. The following is merely a cliff-notes version of my experience, and at the bottom of this page, a picture gallery.
    This summer I was accepted as a composer fellow at the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival, held in Valdeblore, France. It was the prettiest place I have ever been, and one of the best musical experiences to date. All of the musicians were tremendous and lovely people. I learned a lot from all of the participants and faculty there. My teacher, Andrew List, is such a great musician and had a way about reading my personality completely within one sitting of beer. He pulled out of me, in such a short time, the musical parts of me I keep hidden, for whatever reason, and encourage me to act on them.My fellow composers were all such talented people: I felt privileged to even sit next to them. The work they created while we were there was magnificent. All of our personalities came out in our music and were presented has “Hello, My Name Is” stickers. I learned who they were through philosophical discourse (sober & otherwise), their music, and the lovely jam sessions we were able to have.Faculty such as Ariel Barnes, the principal cellist of the Vancouver Symphony, is insanely talented. Also his thick Western Canadian accent snuck it’s way into my voice, and by the end of my time hanging with him, my “O’s” and “U’s” were a little more rounded off. He has a harp duo called Couloir, and he gave me a copy of his album Wine Dark SeaHOLY S*** it’s beautiful. Want to be transported to who knows where? Get that.I am in debt for all of the lovely performances, musicianship, education, friendship, and mass amounts of threateningly beautiful inspiration from: the Zodiac Trio (Kliment Krylovskiy, Vanessa Mollard, & Riko Higuma), Andrew List, Ariel Barnes, Sergio Pallottelli (FLUTE OMG!), Sarah Plum (and her adorable son), Francine Kay (happiest pianist I’ve ever seen), Kris Chapman, Dr. David Rogosin (gave me 2 of his piano CDs and performed & dissected Messiaen’s Quartet For the End of Time), and everyone involved. They were so inspiring. My life is changed for the better from having been under their tutelage, and alongside, often, their beer glasses.

    Other great things that happened, was my quick befriending of the lovely local restaurant owners Laurent & Florence, their son Sebastian, & Stéphane. On the last day, I wrote this for Laurent & Florence:

    This was the piece I composed for the festival, Roses & Arrows. The musicians nailed it.

    There was my definition of happiness:

    There was also this:



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