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L’Hendrickson – “L” is for “Love”…or “Hendrickson”

Music and how it connects us with people and memories is always fascinating. I’m never bored talking about it.

I had the lovely experience of attending a great friend’s wedding this past weekend in Indiana. I have a story that this post will revolve around, but first a bit about the lovely couple. L’Adam Lance L’Hendrickson is talented musician I met in college in a hodgepodge of guitar playing for overly flashy songs that never once made it onto my iTunes playlist.

Immediately I knew he was talented, but more so  I knew that we’d get along just fine. Through many a beer and fewer whiskey nights, we talked music, theories, made fun of the townspeople that insulated our time in college, and generally provoked many a mild hootenany.


Not only does he have a killer rock voice and the guitar chops to support it, he is an amazing baritone operatic singer. I was also fortunate enough to see his college recitals and play mandolin in Don Giovanni with him as the lead. What makes him so affable isn’t just the pleasantry he exudes musically, it’s that he is a good guy. He’s such a reliable, trustworthy, often times adorably concerned, morally upright man, and I’m so proud to say I know him.

His wife, L’Megan L’Rose, is (not surprisingly) just as pleasant. I only met her the day of the wedding and the day after, but it was clear that she was the perfect counterpart for Adam. She has a lovely soprano voice (duh), is gorgeous (duh), and spoke of music in such an endearing way (duh) that I was reminded of the hope I have for expressing myself musically.

Here’s my story:

I don’t know if Adam would remember this, but when Coldplay’s Viva la Vida album was released, we were friends. I had listened to it myself and would later make it my permanent mental portal to living in Austria for a summer. I have such fond memories connected to that album’s music. It wasn’t until Adam & Megan’s wedding that I remembered this forthcoming connection…

When the album came out, Adam and I were enjoying beverages while giving it a listen. He was enamored with the album. He had listened to it plenty before this particular evening. When Strawberry Swing came on Adam went nuts. He spoke for almost 30 minutes about that song alone and why he loved it so much. At the time I thought, “Okay, Adam reeaaallly likes this song.” Later on, I would find my own connections to the song and it became great for me as well. But in that moment, especially now in hindsight, I am reminded of what a beautiful event that was. 

His passion and excitement for music that encompassed his personal thoughts and emotions came bursting out, knocking down any walls in his way, just for the glory of song. Something inside of him was shaken up and rebuilt, and showed itself in the form of creativity and excitement and love. It was beautiful. He might not have even been directly talking to me, but rather exhaling his thoughts and feelings for the world to feel, and I had a front row seat. I watched a sunrise, as I sat enjoyably inquisitive on the couch across from Adam, slowly sipping on my beer.

SO, at the end of their wedding ceremony they chose that song to play. To be honest, already just watching this great, talented, loving friend of mine confess his love before everybody to this wonderful girl, I was enormously happy. (Also I think at that moment someone was cutting onions nearby…)

When they walked back down the aisle, a newlywed husband and wife, I was lifted in joy and any memory I shared with that song was immediately replaced with the image of two wonderful people in love.

Music and how it connects us with people and memories is always fascinating. I’m never bored talking about it.

Lastly, I was honored to have been asked to play some tunes at the reception. This is one of them, my cover of sorts.


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