My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.

“What Does Music Mean to You?” Art Campaign

I usually restrict this blog to things directly related to composition and songwriting.  However I thought I would record on here a new thing I’m doing. Commissioning art.

Like anyone else I like to decorate where I live with things I like. I like art. I can’t say that I know much about art. I can’t talk art.  I do like it, though. I’ve been known to wander around art museums on my own with my headphones in. And for the purposes of this entry, by “art” I mean visual art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.) and not the bigger philosophical interpretation of the word.

Music is organized sound. Art is organized…everything else. In this case: colors, shapes, ideas, scenes, thoughts, etc.

SO, I want to own art. I don’t want to buy pieces of art that you can expect to find in anyone else’s home.  I wanted to support people I know who are artists.  I know what it’s like trying to making a living by creating music. It’s no easy task.

So being in a good place in life, I am commissioning art from friends whose art I’ve seen and can say that they are in fact talented and passionate about what they do.  They deserved to be paid for the work, like any good creator.

The only request I make of the art is that they create “something” in response to answering the question to themselves, “What does music mean to you?”

So far I have on board:

Olivia Boyle – – Olivia is also a working actress in New York City.

Nick Rapley – – Nick is also a talented musician with whom I’ve collaborated and worked with many, and hopefully more to come, times.

Julie Young – – Julie is my super talented little sister! She’s a pro at everything form painting to sculptures to photography to tattooing!

In the months that the art is finished I will post pictures of the art.


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