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A Man’s Will to a Woman – now 4 movements!

So since I’ve finished the string quintet, A Man’s Will to a Woman, (guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass), I have had the continued urgency to make it longer.  I wanted it to be longer because I just wanted more music happening, I had more ideas that related, and I felt there were still more thoughts I had to get out lyrically.  The piece is now about 36 minutes long, as opposed to its former roughly 25-minute length.

The final movement I had originally was definitely how I wanted to exit the quintet, so that is still the final movement, just movement no. 4 now!

The NEW movement 3 is more like the first movement in that it is a lot closer to a medley of tunes–but the chord structures and key are all the same.  So really, they’re just variations on the first time the theme comes.  It’s kind of like theme and variations, but more like theme and…the theme a bit different…but the same…ya….

The new movement is also like movement 2 in that it’s palindromic.  The same thematic material is used in the chord structure, the accompanying lines, and a very fierce opening and closing cello solo (that eventually gets passed around to the other instruments.)  Lyrically, it is not finished, but will most like revolve around the theme about not being able to avoid the law of attraction, and that will fit right into the storyline of the entire piece.

I can’t wait to get people to start working on it with me!!


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