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Dudamel: Let the Children Play

Yesterday I spent $12.50 at the movie theater.  It was completely worth it, however.  I saw the documentary Dudamel: Let the Children Play. It was another fine documentary about the importance of music in young children’s lives.  For those of us that find ourselves defending music and education this documentary hit all the points we look to announce.

The promoting and advocacy of “El Sistema,” a nationwide organization of 102 youth orchestras, 55 children’s orchestras, 270 music centers, and close to 250,000 young musicians, showed how effective music is in human development.

Gustavo Dudamel, for those who don’t know, is the conductor of the LA Philharmonic.  He’s another great conductor, but also another fine example of someone who is constantly pursuing music in education for all people.

I don’t know if they’ll release it on DVD anytime soon, but if they do, it’s a worthy purchase.


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