My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.

My excerpt won me $500!

So I played “Jinjer” last night at the “Mr. Phi-Nomenal” contest put on by the lovely sorority Alpha Phi.  I played it last year and got 3rd, and that was a grand time.  This year, I won first place! I won $500, a sweet crown, a sash, naturally, and I’ve been pretty pumped all day.  I am fortunate enough to have people from time to time recognize me for my music, locally, but today tons of people recognized me from my piece last night.  Last year my good buddy, who I know primarily as a very talented ukulele player to perform alongside, won first place with his righteous yo-yo skills. Yes…yo-yo: mind blowing.

There will be pictures to come (picture below), but for now here is the very short but still nectar-sweet article about me winning!  I must send much love to the girls of Alpha Phi and all the other contestants that came out and presented their talents.  All in all, last night was a fantastic time.  And what have I been doing all day?  Still mapping out that 3rd movement…

…And manuscript paper and pencil beats Finale or any notation software any day.


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