My thoughts and out loud thoughts on composition, performance, and many things musical.

A break from the string quintet

Today as I was still trying to create anything lyrically relevant to my string quintet (and I did universe-willing) I thought I would venture out to other poets for inspiration. I ran into poetry of a childhood favorite, Shel Silverstein. His poems are so adorable and witty, for kids and adults alike. One of my favorite poems and one of his most popular, “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” shouted out to me. The second I read it I felt compelled to set it to music. So I’m going to.

This particular poem is full of lovely expressive lines–none of which are too poetically-ambiguous to comprehend, nor too elementary to be passed off as simple.  I to started singing the verses and found a melody I liked, and wrote out some fairly simple chords to along with it.  I suppose everything I write does not need to continue to be some exercise in circling around 12 pitches.  I’m going to add a cello (maybe contrabass instead?) and a violin part as well.

The fun thing about this is as far as I know there is no song version of any of his poems.  This will be a nice median (high-brow, nerdy joke…think it through…) from writing my other big project.


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